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Category: Pranks

taylor swift prank version 2

Watch this video, Taylor Swift being prank by Ellen DeGeneres in the comfort room. This is the most hilarious prank by Ellen to a female singer. You can see that the prank was successfully done and funny. We want to Read more…

adele prank viral

Watch Adele disguised as Jenny to impersonate herself in front of Adele impersonators. Now you can call this the real ‘Trolling in the Deep’. This is funny as the real impersonators thought it was not her but when she started Read more…

Asking Random Girls From LV To Netflix and Chill VIDEO

Ok, so here is Vincent Valentine AKA Limitless EXP again, doing pranks on the streets of Las Vegas, Nevada. This video below is showing him asking random girls from Las Vegas to netflix and chill. Do these girls even know what Read more…

chris brown prank - i'd hit that

Alright, so this pranker called Limitless EXP aka Vincent Valentine continues to prank hot girls in Las Vegas, Nevada. This time he was telling a random girl this funny pickup line ‘Call Me Chris Brown, Cause I’d Hit That‘ in one of Read more…


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